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Collection Picture Frames Inc., a company started in Quebec in 1983 and specializing in the sale of art frames, was the first in Canada to sell them by mail order. Since its inception, it has specialized in the marketing and sale of exclusively Canadian made frames at very competitive prices. Collection Picture Frames Inc., is selling products across Canada to an increasing numbers of galleries, art supply shops, art schools, amateur and professional painters alike as well as the art appreciating public.


The high level of customers loyalty, attests to their satisfaction for both the quality of the products and the professional services the company offers. Collection Picture Frames Inc. is a dynamic company, distinguished by it's convivial and personal service that allows the customer the choice ordering standard or custom sized frames.

Digital Printing!

Let us print your favourite photos on Aluminium, Acrylic sheets or canvasses
- Contact us by e-mail for a free quote or any additional information: our email.
- Use this easy and user-friendly web service to e-mail us your high resolution pictures (300dpi) :

If you need a custom frame in a non-standard size, we can make it for you! Contact us and we will be happy to provide a cost estimate.
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A Frame 1. The outer part 2. The inner part Narrow liner Wide liner Any frame
Is typically built in 2 pieces Called the frame Called the liner The cuts in each corner of the frame are visible. Consist of a seamless panel, also called a 'panel' and usually measures approximately 2 1/2" Can also be purchased without a liner, depending on your needs
Free  5" x 7" frame Free  8" X 10" frame Free  11" X 14" frame Free  16" X 20" frame Note that
Increase the quantity of frames you order and receive a frame as a gift When ordering 6 to 9 frames When ordering 10 to 14 frames When ordering 15 to 19 frames Orders for over 20 frames We reserve the final selection of the model (s) sent